The New Circuit City, Quits Before They Begin

A month or two ago rose from the ashes, and I have to admit I was kinda excited at the idea, I like Circuit city before they went out of business. i started following them on twitter CircuitCitycom, and just yesterday they announced:


Great news right?  Most things I order off the web are less than 15lbs, I love but sometimes you have to hunt for free shipping, I have issues with paying a lot or anything for shipping.

I even retweeted the great news, so did several others.


Happy joy joy!  Right?  Nope…  I come into work today and I see this..

Note that this is backwards order…


So that makes your free shipping standards worse than any other place on the internet.  Amazon is at least $25 and up..


Think maybe I misunderstood what they said?  Try this, on a 3lb backpack they will charge $9 for shipping…


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