United Fascist Union and Jack Grimes

This guy is a goddamned wacko, click on his picture to see his “website”, where you can see him and his wife at local diners.

— Look at my awesome homemade uniform! Bow to me fool! Oh yeah and, Luke, I am your father!

8 thoughts on “United Fascist Union and Jack Grimes”

  1. Actually, Sally Parker had the collar tabs sewen on our uniforms by a tailor in south Wilkes-Barre. Mr. G. said he wanted black uniforms for the “Psychics” and grey uniforms for the “Storm Troopers” but, he didn’t want our uniforms to look like uniforms, as he didn’t think the public would take to military style uniform given the modern mentality of the average man in the street today. Mr. G. bought his Black Shirt uniform from Boscov’s department store. A man named McCoy who was the Storm Trooper Commander of Luzerne county back then, bought a bunch of Grey Shirts for his troops at the Goodwill outlet at the crossroads, from what I understand and made them responsibe for having the collar tabs attached to their Grey Shirts. Mr. G. usually wears a Roman helmet and a short sword when he’s in uniform most of the time, I don’t know why he isn’t wearing them in this one.I think they make for a better photograph personally. HEIL GRIMES! VOTE FASCIST! http:www.ufu.gq.nu/ UNITED FASCIST UNION: POB 2209: Elkton, MD 21922 Ph# (410) 398-4489.

  2. This guy used to write the must racist fascist nazi stuff on earth. He used to attack criples, catholics, jews, blacks, and dress up like an occult Hitler and paste a picture of himself in the back of each crappy booklet. He was a satanist and hated christians more than anyone. Now he’s some sort of Zionist Fascist screw ball.I wish I still had the photos of him as Hitler. I’d send them to you.

  3. Jeff Tanner is full of shit. I was raised an 0rthodox Jew, Mr. G. was raised a Catholic, who later converted to Paganism. The United Fascist Union, had an African-American woman as the state head of Pennsylvania for years, named Pam Beckman. She and Mr. Grimes were very close friends.Jack Grimes, met George Bush at a function they were both speaking at in 2000, he said something about mustashes being out. He won, Mr. G. didn’t, he took that as a sign it was time to shave. Has nothing to do with Hitler but style.We are the TRUE & FAITHFUL, who promote the economic theories of Benito Mussolini & Saddam Hussein. Satan was a Roman God before the Christians turned him into their perverted devil, whom we called Saturn. Can you think of anyone more deserving of hatred than Christians?Heil Grimes!!!!http://joanne21921.tripod.com/

  4. i think that this union is crazy. if this were to come into play for the US, i think we would all die or rebel. i know i would. jack grimes is crazy, just like hitler. that is what he is being compared to. i hope you never become president of the US. We will all die!

  5. You’re right, Jack is nuts. Real Fascists ignore his comical non-efforts. I know, because I was chosen by several serious Fascist groups as presidential candidate in 2004. You may not agree with real Fascism, either, but believe me: this guy isn’t it.See the web sites for the American Fascist Movement, and American Fascist Party. I’m no longer active in politics, but I keep in touch.

  6. This guy is a stupid fucking asshole. I saw one of his speeches and laughed so hard i nearly pissed my pants. If this guy knew what was good for him he would walk his fat ass into on-coming traffic. Oh and if he did become the president of this great nation i would kill myself.

  7. Who are you to say that the so-called “Jesus-freaks” are backwards people who don’t support women’s rights? There are millions of Christians who believe in freedom of choice, because if you knew anything about Christianity, you would realize that it IS a choice, just like anything else in this world. To say that all Christians are backwards is not wrong on their part, it’s ignorance on yours. Furthermore, if Benito Mussolini and Sadaam Hussein are the UFU’s political idols, they should probably consider backing a candidate who is an oratorical genius and supporters who use correct grammar instead of saying things like, and I quote, “I do got something to post” (UFU Secretary Heather Goldsmith’s own words).I also suggest that someone supporting women’s rights not make one of his goals the abolition of individualism. If we can’t be individuals, how can we have personal rights? Who are you to tell me how to live my life in any capacity beyond the limited collective protection that government should provide? Finally, I will not be silent. Freedom is the greatest value in American society, and the one we should strive at all costs to protect. I will say what I want, and no one person or group of people can tell me otherwise.

  8. i remember jack grimes from cleveland they guy though he was hitler even try to start his own ss unit but he couldnt stay away from black hookers

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