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Skynet caused D.C. train crash

They are blaming the D.C. train crash on a computer failure.  Apparently the trail failed to stop even though the conductor pressed the emergency brake.  What’s funny about this?  The conductors main job is only to open the doors during an emergency.  So they sit and ride the train all day?  So why did this failure happen?  Skynet, that’s all I have to say..

via My Way News – Computer failure may have caused D.C. train crash.

Horoscopes are generally horribly wrong

“Sagittarians have a positive attitude, boundless energy, love of travel and a strong spiritual side.”

That’s what it said underneath my horoscope on something I found online that claimed it could tell you what profession to pursue based on your zodiac sign.

It seemed kind of funny to me.

I have never been accused of having a positive attitude, nor boundless energy. Usually people describe me as the complete opposite. I frequently hear things like “curmudgeon in training” or “laid back” and sometimes “lazy.” But never positive and energetic.
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