9 thoughts on “Apply Within To Be A Spy.”

  1. i really wont to be a spy so please i am really good call me at 7603693051 thank youEDIT: This is what happens when you post your phone number…. Rundun, KristyYucca Valley, CA 92284(760) 369-3051Netzero? Really? Still using dial up….

  2. I am an underground mole. I do work with other teens with untapped intellegence. If anyone of you would like to join up with my elite team 1, let me know through here.

  3. I GERALD STEVEN FALLIN , SWERE to be the best spy in the industry.i am ready for secret idenities,disguises,andcrime fighting action iam one of a kind i will not fail at any costi am AGENT TOXIC!! one touch from me and your dead i am poison.i will need some training in the martial arts field and computer hacking!!

  4. me and my friends want to be spys but how old do you gota be? call me at (469)-272-9451 are ages are 11 and 12

  5. hi i wont to be a spy and i wont to learn how to become a spy do u have any jods on being a spy in mission bc canada i am 14 teen and i would like to become a spy with me friend kassi and she is 11 but we dreamed of bing a spy seance we were littel girls thanks kylina

  6. I am 13 years old. I know becoming a spy is’nt a joke, you can even lose your lives. I know what it is to become a spy and i also know that i’ve got it in me. I have seen many spy kind movies and programs and have learnt many things.I am really good in karate. I am a fast thinker and a fast learner too. I am sure that i will be a great spy if someone gives me a chance.Are there any camps for teens related to spy training?Please make me a spy i will be great at it as i have even tested myself. My e-mail is saliha_kehar@hotmail.com.I am the only one who uses it. So anyone can e-mail me anytime about you know this matter.

  7. Hey i am the same girl above.My name is Saliha. I just wanted to add that i am asian so i can speak really good english,urdu,hindi and sindhi. I am able to even understand punjabi,and little arabic but i can not speak them.So these languages can maybe be an advantage when i am spying and searching for clues and stuff.I am perfect to become a spy.So if something comes up for me send me an e-mail on saliha_kehar@hotmail.com

  8. names Reisha! Always wanted to be a spy! I know French, Spanish italian and of course english. Live in the UK. London. I have been doing martial arts since i was 6 yrs old. Im 14 yrs young. Computers come easy to me. Email me yes?Reisha.

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