2 thoughts on “American Civilian, Nick Berg Beheading”

  1. The Son That Never Came HomeAuthor: Zayra Taupier ChanfrauPeople of Iraq, You overly boast your faith in God Kneel and repent for your sins. ?Thou shall not use the Lord?s name in vain,Thou shall not kill?!People of the media,How dare you inflict more pain upon grieving parents?He was not just a body, or another casualty of the warHe was somebody?s son, who will never come home.Shame on all of us, including myself We let curiosity guide us to fuel an uncivilized actPrudence lacked in those who watched the video Now we are sentenced to replay this horrific memory Sentenced for life to never gain our innocence back.American people let us not forgetNick was not just Michael and Susan Berg?s sonHe was another of America?s sonsWho will never come home! America, can you hear a mother?s lament,The frantic sob of father, a friend?s sighCan you see that your children cannot sleep at night? How much longer will this acrimony last? An ocean of tears could never purifyThe river of blood that paints the streets of Baghdad.In loving memory of Nick BergThe son that never came home.Disclaimer: The author grants a license for free use of this work for educational or commercial purposes upon her approval. This shall bind and apply to the successors and assigns of the licensor, and may inure to the benefit of, may be transferable to, and be binding upon the successors and assigns of the licensee. Contact the author C/o Jose M. Chanfrau, IV at manuel04@bellsouth.net for more information.

  2. This is not a religion, it is a cult of vicious, murdering, evil marauding criminals. Shame on all who call themselves Muslims and do not stand up to decry the terrible acts these criminals inflict upon others. They are quiet because they too live in fear of retribution from these blood seeking marauders. Cowards! And these cowards only speak out to hold others accountable for far less, most likely to take attention away from the horror they are in fear of acknowledging because of possible retribution. Shame on them all. Better to come from a position of courage than to come from a postion of fear. This horrific act will live in infamy with all the other crimes against humanity. This will not end until we have the courage to call it what it is, stand toe to toe to it, and suffer whatever consequences may be necessary to eradicate it from the face of the earth.

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