Vacation and the art of Zen

My vacation started at 5ish today, after a ass busting day of fixing excel formulas and macros so they don’t break while I’m gone.  I’ll have to say a small prayer to the gods that nothing goes and breaks while I’m out, causing them to call me.  I hope to do a lot of relaxing with my wife and 2 year old son.  Some family is coming in from out of down (fun family, not the annoying ones), so we’ll do some touristy things, rent a boat, go to the beach, not think about work.  

So after dinner and this long ass day, we went to the mall to let Drew play in the indoor playground, which is a place parents apparently go to drop their 12 year old kids off so they can climb and jump from every fucking thing they see, while mommy shops for shoes.  Did I mention I’m on vacation? 


On another note:  I’m watching flashpoint, I love this show for one good reason, very polite Canadians shooting people because they’re not being polite and Canadian enough. 

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