Use the New Gingerbread Keyboard on Your Rooted 2.2 Android Phone [Downloads]

Use the New Gingerbread Keyboard on Your Rooted 2.2 Android Phone


Android: The keyboard in Android 2.3 is one of its best new features, and if you’re itching to try it out right now, you can download and install it on your rooted Android phone.

The keyboard is certainly an improvement over the stock Android keyboard, with better targeting, better auto-correct, and easier number and symbol typing. The download is just a simple .zip file that you flash to your phone just like you would a ROM, theme, or kernel (which you can do either through ROM Manager or through your recover image). Make sure you back up before you install it, in case it causes any problems on your phone. Hit the link for more detailed instructions and to download the keyboard.

The Gingerbread keyboard is a free download for rooted Android devices running a 2.2-based ROM. Droid 2 and Droid X users, make sure to take note of the extra step mentioned on Droid-Life before proceeding.

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Installed this last night, this is the awesomesauce indeed.

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