Potter is turning our kids into Wiccans!


According to preacher Steve Wohlberg’s book Hour of the Witch: Harry Potter, Wicca Witchcraft, and the Bible, the Harry Potter series is not actually a well-crafted, coming of age story about a kid who happens to have magical powers. Instead, the books tell the tale of “evil, versus greater evil…not really good versus evil.” Not only that, but Harry himself is a terrible role model for kids – he “lies a lot…breaks the law, has temper tantrums, he is studying the occult, he is practicing spells.” So, apart from the whole witch thing, this makes him different from your typical high school sophomore how?

Wohlberg also believes that parents who don’t accept that JK Rowling’s books are making their children more open to becoming part of what he calls “the rise in the pagan Wicca religion” are fooling themselves. So what say you, Potterites? In 20 years is everyone who Rowling is cleverly brainwashing going to wake up and worship nature? Be honest – you’re a little Wiccan yourself already, aren’t you?


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