How to Get Postie to work with WordPress 2.7

Postie is a great tool for posting to your wordpress blog from email,. I use it to post pictures and simple things from my Treo, but it hasn’t been updated for some time, and when installed it on wordpress 2.7 I would always get the error “Postie Only Works For Word Press 2.0 and above.” that I had the wrong version of wordpress installed when I would try to run postie.

Find the file on your server “wordpress home directory/wp-content/plugins/postie/” and the file “get_mail.php”

Edit with your favorited text editor of your choice, Kate, Gedit, Phpedit, etc.  I wouldn’t recommend notepad as it doesn’t format it correctly.

Comment out or delete the following line from the file and save, or save and upload if you haven’t ssh’d into the server.



This worked like a champ for me, hope it helps anyone else who is trying to figure this out, at the time of writting this I couldn’t find any answers on the web.

Apparently a few people have taken it upon themselves to continue postie, not quite a fork but a pseudo tourch passing.


Update: Just updated to Postie 1.1.4 and still had the version issue, commented out the above code again and it worked fine.  Also seems 1.1.4 was put out by Robert Felty.

Update: Again, updated to 1.1.5 and even after completely deleting the plugin and folder and dumping the postie table.  I get “Postie Only Works For Word Press 2.0 and above.”  Oh well, I’ll delete the line above again..

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