A plane on the side of the road.

Found this on the side of Ponce De Leon.. A dude is working on a plane..


UPDATE:  Turns out this plane crash landed on Ponce De Leon.

Heres the story.  LINK

Just In Case this link dies.

ELAINE ALLEN-EMRICH • The Charlotte Sun • April 3, 2009

NORTH PORT — Robert Buberger tried to videotape the small-engine plane coming straight at him on Ponce de Leon Boulevard on Friday evening. The pilot flashed his lights at him and then BAM, the plane hit the power lines above Buberger’s truck.

He dropped his camera phone.


Buberger hit the gas and swerved, driving between two houses. He spun his truck around and watched the plane speed down the street, crashing through more wires and a sign.

The plane landed safely on Ponce de Leon Boulevard and Helliwell Street, in a residential neighborhood. Several children who saw the plane landing rode their bikes near it as three men emerged. None of them was hurt and the plane was not badly damaged.

One of the men in the plane, who asked not to be identified, said he and another man were flying from Fort Myers to St. Petersburg on the rented private plane with the words SATSair on it.

When the men were at 6,000 feet, the pilot told them he was having engine problems and wanted to land at Venice Municipal Airport. However, minutes later, the engine seized. The pilot looked for a safe place to land in North Port.

“He did an amazing job,” the man said, adding he and his friend were glad to be alive.

According to the North Port Police Department, as officers were racing to shut down a section of the interstate near Sumter Boulevard, the plane landed on Ponce de Leon, less than a mile from Interstate 75, near the bridge leading to North Port Estates. The interstate was briefly shut down around the time of the landing, but reopened shortly afterward.

Several power lines, Comcast and Verizon lines were struck during the emergency landing.

“It’s incredible how the plane landed so safely, but it scared the hell out of me,” said Buberger, who, along with a 14-year-old, were interviewed by police as witnesses to what happened. “I was trying to catch it on my phone but then he flashed his lights at me to try to get me to move off the road. He just kept coming closer and closer and hit the power lines above me and it freaked me out.”

A Federal Aviation Administration agent was expected to arrive on scene to investigate around 9:30 p.m. Police expected the intersection would be shut down for several hours until the plane was towed.

Just as police received the call about the plane at 6:45 p.m., there was a serious motorcycle crash on Sumter Boulevard and U.S. 41. There were 14 calls waiting and additional police officers had to be called in for overtime. FPL, Comcast and Verizon were on scene shortly after the emergency landing to restore services.

One of the paramedics said to another, “We have our own miracle on Ponce de Leon Boulevard.”

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