One thought on “, Stop An Evil Bastard From Killing His Wife”

  1. I have been keeping, up on Terris case, from the very beginning. My name is Debbie McLaughlin. I used too be a C.N.A. but 2.yrs. ago. my mother passed away. and the loss hit me so hard, that I had 2 strokes and had too quit my job. I am now totally disabled. My whole reason for living was my work as a nurses aide, also I have a son who is 20 yrs. old. he is my whole world. So I know what Terris mother must have went through too. I don,t think, I could sit and watch my son go through, what her daughter went through. God Bless her Mother and Family for that. Although my family has had its bad luck. I have one who died of a Brain anurysm at34 yrs old. 3. other sisters, had brain anurysm’s, theyhad surgeries, and are all right now. I would like too have a obituarie picture of terri. She was such a beautiful girl, and woman.

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