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Alifia State park

Despite a couple hard rain showers we had a great weekend.  Our last camping trip we bought an air mattress that didn’t work out, deflating in the middle of the night, we returned it and tried another, which worked great, but the canopy we bought to keep out of the rain didn’t work, and went back.  I’m glad Target has a don’t care return policy, or at least they seem to.  For some reason we keep buying our camping equipment from there.  Our tent was great from the start, so I can’t complain about everything.

Alifia was nice, we will defiantly go again, but I’m going to have to bring my bike, apparently

Alifia is the mountain biking mecca of Florida,the trials looked awesome and if they are half as awesome as the hiking trails I can understand why they’re so popular.

Analyst sees new Macs, Pro apps, full-length video at special event

“We believe Apple will take the opportunity to round out its Intel Mac portfolio 6 – 9 months ahead of plan with a new widescreen consumer notebook (likely called “MacBook”) and entry-level Mac mini, both of which will include a remote control and Front Row software,” analyst Shaw Wu wrote in a research note released to clients early Wednesday morning.