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Facebook Gives Major Boost to OpenID

Facebook has adopted the OpenID user-identity framework to simplify how people register for and log into the social networking site.

It means that people will be able to sign into Facebook using their log-in credentials from Gmail. “This is a quicker, more streamlined way for new users to register for the site, find their friends….

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I’ve always like Gmail, ok maybe not at first, but at second…  Ever since the Gmail team has introduced Gmail Labs, Gmail as really taken off.  How many times can I say Gmail in a sentence, gmail.  The additions to Gmail labs has increased expodintially, Gmail, in the last few months, now almost daily new things are apprearing in Gmail labs, Gmail, Gmail, Gmail..

The very Gmail  Gmail team today annouced send undo, kinda like recall in Outlook, but only for 5 seconds, like Nicholas Cage in Next but having nothing to do with Gmail, Gmail.

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