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Obama and Mccain, Biden and Palin

I’ve watched all 3 debates; so far between the over usage of the word Maverick and Katie’s diner.  You know that place Joe Biden goes to after hanging out at the Home depot all the time.  Wait, didn’t we find out that Katie’s has been closed for 15 years?  Seriously Joe, we have the internet now, it’s not like we can’t find these silly things out.  Why lie about these things?


That makes me almost as crazy as the whole Maverick.  Palin’s adviser/speech writer should have looked her in the eyes and told her this.  “If I hear you say the work Maverick.  I will walk out right freaking now!”  I was pleasantly surprised in the last debate, Mccain didn’t say maverick at all.

I’ve been tired of this election since last year, you do have to admit this stuff started 2 years too early.  I’m also tired of all the hot air surrounding Obama.

The media and half of the world makes him out to be the best thing since sliced bread.  Have you listened to him speak?  He sounds like an idiot about most topics, and stumbles over his words almost as much as Biden and Bush do.  Don’t get me wrong, I see Mccain and wonder how he won the RNC nomination.  I mean he is a very liberal republicam and Mccain be old. There were better candidates, the republicans were high during the primaries.  I’m not going to say “Don’t blame me for the primaries I couldn’t vote in my state, I refuse to pick a party”, I do this because I received enough junk mail as it is, I don’t need mailers from either party on top of it and both parties have out lived their relevance.

I think Palin was the best choice for McCain, but she has been under utilized and that’s going to cost the republicans, while I’m on the topic of VP’s again, althought I dispise Hillary, Obama screwed himself a little by not picking her as his running mate.

And, I’m done…