This Year in Google: The 2009 Edition [Google]

This is pretty terrifying when you realize all the work they’ve accomplished in just 12 months.  What will they do in the next 12 months is anyone’s guess.  Buy more companies, revolutionize operating systems like they have with browsers?  Ha ha, not likely.  Have you seen Chrome OS, i’d rather use windows NT, I’ll keep my Ubuntu thank you.  Or will Google take all our emails and personal information and post it on a website as a big fuck you, and then move to their secret moon base.  I’m sure they will just grow as a company and come out with some more products we can’t live without, further their development on Android and Chromeish things, continue to poorly transcribe my voice mails for me and hopefully expand their Data Liberation Front to lull us into a sense of peace.

I must of course end this with, well we know where sky net will come from.  ðŸ˜‰

From Lifehacker

via This Year in Google: The 2009 Edition [Google].

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