Converting from iTunes to Banshee

itunes is great, don’t get me wrong, but I use linux at home 99.99% of the time.  Lately all I boot into windows for on my main rig is to sync my ipod with itunes.  I already have the songs rated and smart playlists and straight playlists setup, it seems I’m married to itunes.  I really like Banshee and have my whole library in there as well, just no ratings or playlists.  I know I can sync my ipod with Banshee but without all the other stuff, it’s pointless.

I knew someone must have had the same dilemma I did when it came to switching, so I did a google search and came across this wonderful post By Andrew Sterling Hanenkamp Converting from iTunes to Banshee – Contentment.

I’m running the perl script right now to convert my itunes library to Banshee, then I’ll swiftly recreate my smart playlists, and be on my way.


Looks like I jumped the shark, New in Banshee 1.5.2 itunes Import.

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