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Out of the Broom Closet – Prospector – Campus Life

This was found in a college newspaper in Marysville,CA,USA. The article seemed to sum everything up very well, although the title should have been spell checked “Withes on Campus”, this may be a good source for people, trying to explain Wicca or Witchcraft, to others.

Out of the Broom Closet – Prospector – Campus Life

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A full copy of the article if you would rather not go through all that.
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Paris Hilton hacker sentenced to juvenile hall

“The 17-year-old admitted last week in federal court to a series of crimes that including hacking Internet and phone service providers, and making bomb threats to high schools in Florida and Massachusetts over a 15-month period.”

Watch how many people will stand up and say, “All he did was hack into her Treo! Why does he get 11 months?” Well because he did a lot of other bad stuff too!

” Hilton could not be reached for comment on the case because she was traveling in a country where her cell phone does not work, her publicist Robert Zimmerman said Wednesday.”

If that isn’t the line of the day, I don’t know what is.

Xinhua – English

My South Beach Diet Adventure

For the last two weeks, Autumn and I have been on the South Beach diet.
We read the book first to make sure we got off to a good start, and started on August 27th.
As of September 10th, I’ve lost 12lbs. Autumn has lost 10 lbs. I feel better and all my clothes fit better. We are continuing with a combination of Phase 1 & 2. We have eliminated most sugars and all white flour from our diet and lives. In the process of this diet, we have been eating more organic foods, and most of the recipes we have found for South Beach, are really good and make eating more enjoyable. Last night we had whole grain spaghetti and organic spaghetti sauce, with whole grain bread and spices. Similar to what Carrabba’s gives you with their bread.

I have not been drinking anything but; water, Arizona No Carb Green tea, light Lemonade, and occasionally some Coke Zero. I began the diet drinking diet Coke and Pepsi, which made me ill, I don’t like diet soda…. When I stopped drinking it, I felt a lot better.

I would recommend to anyone looking to lose weight, or even just eat right, to go pick up Dr. Arthur Agaston’s South Beach Diet Book at your library, or hell even buy it. If you’re too busy to read a book, it’s on two cds as well.

And no, this isn’t a paid advertisement. 😉